I allways had a specific interest for drawing and the artistic fileds in general, I discovered 3D graphics during my studies and choose to make my career in this industry.

Since my 20s I fulltime worked in real time visualizations for nationals and internationals architecturals projects. After that I worked a little more than 2 years in te video game industry. I was the main 3D and 3D artist in charge of creating graphic assets for Nintendo DS's games. Next I moved to Chartres to work in the concept design and product visualization filed. I had the opportunity to work with big luxury and fragrance brands such like Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier, Lady Gaga, Prada, Valentino, Narcisso Rodriguez, Issey Miyake, ..., and also for "mass market" brands such like Veet, Durex, Airwick, etc...

After almost 3 years in this position I needed to change my life, to travel and to go back on my passion for drawing and painting. So I did it and I still do it on the side of my main activity.

Nowdays, I offer my knowledge and expertise in 3D modeling and realistic product visualization as a freelance 3D Graphic Designer.

Photo de profil Sylvain Klein

What I do.

As a specialized in "hardsurface" modeling and realistic rendering, I mainly work in the product design, automobile or transportation and architectural fields.

Onn one side, my role could be to create inhouse visuals that help on the decision making process of the creation of a new product. That your project is for a small or a worldwhile market, I offer to you the possibility to quickly have a realistic vision of what your product could look. It does allow to refine the project even before creating a real prototype wich can be really expensive.

The work I produce can also be very usefull for public advertising visuals. Because the product is already finalized in this step of te project, I really can sublime it and create sell out visuals.


Some clients examples I already collaborate with to bring to life some nice projects.

Dior Prada Lady Gaga Jean Paul Gaultier Valentino Issey Miyakey Dyptique Veet Airwick Tokkun Studio LMmc Mersen


  • ● Autodesk Maya
  • ● Autodesk Fusion360
  • ● Blender
  • ● Blender Cycles render
  • ● Keyshot
  • ● Substance Designer
  • ● Substance Peinter
  • ● Maxwell render
  • ● Affinity Photo
  • ● Affinity Designer
  • ● Adobe Photoshop
  • ● Adobe Illustrator
  • ● Adobe Premiere Pro
  • ● DaVinci Resolve

Awards & publications.

Award: The website rewarded my Lykan project with their Award of Excellence.

Publication: My R5 GT Turbo project was featured on the official Maxwell render website's gallery.

Publication: A making-of of my R5 GT Turbo project is featuring on the official homepage and blog of the Maxwell render website.

Publication: A making-of of my Lykan project is featuring on the website.

Publication: 2 tutorials and one interview was featured on old copies of the Advanced Creation magazine, published by Oracom.