3D is a complex topic to apprhend, it's my job to make it accessible for you.
Let's have a look at the differents steps that compose a project.


Together we discuss about your project, we developp your objectives and we define all the parts that your project need to be alive.

For example:
- PDF or DWG plans
- Photos references
- 3D models
- Graphic elements
- The visual style of the proejct
- What kind of final file you need (still picture, video, size,...)
- ...


I build, sculpt and create to every elements and details that your project need to look realistic.

Careful and detailed step whose high precision is essential for the rest of the project.

Shading & lighting.

This is in this step that the final and realistic look come to life.

Realistic shaders are made out of physically corect data and highly detailed textures.

Lighting of the subject with a photographer approach. The idea is to sublimate it.


Once the final scene is validate, everything is ready for the finals renderers.

Time machine during wich the computer render the final picture or video in high resolution and maximum quality.


With my drawing and painting skills I sublime the render and add the final touch that makes the difference.

This step allow me to retouch, correct, adjust every elements and also to add some finals details.


When the project is done and validated, I send you the final files per mail.

A direct download link will allow you to get the file without delay.