3D Modeling.

Fondations of every project, the quality of the modelingis extremly important.
I'm specialized in "hardsurface" modeling wich include obejcts, vehicles, architecture,etc... My passion for nicely done modeling makes me enjoying the process of these phase of the project.

Thank to the 3D modeling you will able to see your product coming alive and you will validate his volumes and shapes. I also bring to you an interactive visualization in wich you can rotate your product and see it from any angle. This is a really helpful for making decisions.

I also can developp models ready for 3D prints.

Realistic rendering.

3D rendering is the step that really bring life to your product.
With hyperrealistic visuals I allow you to showcase your project the best way possible. Whether it is for internal decisions or for high quality marketing supports.

Each project being unic, I take care of showcasing its core features. I alos can produce many colors and shaders variations and various view angles too.

Postproduction is a key final step for a good result. Showcasing of details, adding visuals elements to make your products assets more important, technical notes,... are few exemples of what I will retouch on the 3D rendering.
My drawing and painting practice give me the weapons I need to have a better artistique vision and also give me a better use of gitial painting.


I allways had a special interest for design and its all natural for me to make them look beautiful as possible.

Product visualization can be used as an internal decision helping tool or as a key marketing visual support. No need to produce prototype and schedule a photo shoot anymore, with product visualization all this process is make more quickly, more efficiency, costs less and the feedbacks from the client are immediate.

Showcasing a product the right way is not an easy task. You need to understand its design, seeing the core lines and details of interest. My sensibility and interest for this domain allow me to understand what a project need and making it shine.


Sportscars, transportation or construction vehicles are also a part of my love for design.
I even though about becoming a car designer and I can't even count how many car draws I did in my young age.

As product visualization, understanding the design of the vehicle and which are its core features to show is very important.

Here to, creating a 3D visual is a very flexible and efficient method.