My name is Sylvain Klein and I am a cgi and fine artist.

I allways liked switching between digital and traditionnal art.

I have made career out of cgi and keep doing it as a freelance artist, mainly in the product design field.

I'm specialized in hard surface modeling and realistic rendering.

On the traditionnal side I mainly use oil painting for figurative, acrylic for abstract and charcoal for drawing. The realism allow me to express myself on meaningfull topics when the abstract arts allow me to create without ay constraint or limit.


I started working at 20 as a CGI 2D/3D artist in many fields.

I started by one year in the real time architectural vizualisation field, then I quickly switch to 3 years on the video game industry in Strasbourg. Back in the days we produced first generation Nintendo DS games. I had the chance to work on 3 games from A to Z and partly worked on 3 others. This period was a excellent training period and a very strong human adventure.

After that I made a change in my life to go live in Chartres and work in the product vizualisation industry. An other 3 years full of experiences. I had the chance to work for the biggest luxury brands in the fragrance industry like Dior, Prada, Valentino, Issey Myake or even Lady Gaga etc...

Even if this last role was very interesting and rewarding fo me in my resume, I was hungry of adventure and wanted to make a huge change in my life. So I decided to quit my job, leave my home and go backpacking without any plan. I lived one month in Tokyo and travel by walk in other cities in Japan for 2 weeks. I really felt in love with this counry and specially the city of Tokyo. After that I went to USA, fews days in LA and San Fransisco. Then, because of some visa restriction I had to change my "no-plan travel" and had to program what will be next for me. So I went and lived in Montreal for almost 2 months and finally get back to France.

Since then, I get back in my natal city, Strasbourg, and I'm focusing on my traditional art and work as a freelance cgi artist.


Design, product visualisation, advertising are the main fields I'm evolving in.

Having a good aesthetic sens and a love for perfection and details, cgi is perfect for me.

I mainly use Blender, Substance Painter and Keyshot for my works, but I'm also used to use other mainstream software (3DsMax, Maya, Maxwell, Arnold, Cycle).

I never stop learning new softwares and tools to never sit down on my achievements and go forward in this filed that progress so fast.

Abstract art

My relationship with abstract art is one of a kind, a non stop love-hate one.

My abstract works are mainly technicals and geometricals.

My creating process is an important part in my love for abstract. It allow me to use many differents tools and technics.

At the end my abstracts paintings are my most personnal artworks in the way that I'm creating them in my instinct, my wills without asking myself any questions. My abstract works are just me.

L'art figuratif

Figurative and realistic arts represents the high end kind of art regarding of the technical abilities of an artist for me.

This art is a technical perfomance serving the emotion or the message you want to express.

Through figurative art I can express myself about topics that matter for me.

Abuses and derivatives of the modern society are my main themes. Control of mass, inadequate censorship, abuse of violence and sexe in media...

I also like the traditionnal aspect of this art. It is fading away more and more nowdays and I think it's important to keep practicing it. It's the fundation of many others art styles.