I allways drew and I discovered 3D graphics during my studies and I choose to make my career in this field. After 7 years of fulltime roles in the 3D industry I needed some change, to change my life and most important to go back on my traditionnals foundamentals.
After backpacking for few months I focused on my fine art, drawing and painting. During this time I learned oil painting and charcoal drawing while creating figurative realistic artworks.

Nowdays I still work and keep developping these two passions of mince. It can be surprising that I do both digital and traditionnal but they are two complementary disciplines.

I still enjoy a lot creating 3D modeling and high quality visuals and on the other side I keep discovering and flourish myself more and more in fine art, specially creating geometrical abstract paintings.

Photo de profil Sylvain Klein

My artistic manifesto.

I have a deep love for beautiful, aesthetic and well done work.

For me, an artwork should be nice to watch and be well crafted. It does not mean that it can't spread a strong message but I think that if the artwork that bring the message to the public is not a highquality work it loose interest. Why transfer your message into visual expression like drawing, painting or sculpture if it's not to create something appealing for the eye ?

It's this matter that I have for the global aesthetic of an artwork who is the fundation of my work, specially on my abstract paintings.
Although I came from technical and academic drawing I'm discovering and flourishing myself more and more in the geometrical abstract art.
My abstract visuals are so personal that I finally have not much to say about them. I like geometry and straight lines and I play with them to create nicely composed and aesthetic visuals. I try to work as precisely as possible and when people see photos of my abstract paintings they often beleive that it's done on the computer.

On the other side I still practice charcoal drawing and oil painting wich are my two favourite mediums to create figurative artworks. This discipline allow me, as I said earlier, to express myself, to spread a message. I mainly talk about what I don't like in our modern society and what I know about it. The human stupidity, the power of money, the control of the mass, ...


13-16 Octobre 2018: collective exhibition "Les Journées d'Octobre" organized by the city of Benfeld, France.

13-16 Octobre 2017: collective exhibition "Les Journées d'Octobre" organized by the city of Benfeld, France.

Abstract art.

My abstract art is the most personal art I can create. I love geometrical shapes, nice lines, tensions and dynamics they generate.

I took an evil pleasure to constrain myself with shapes or colours and my goal is to find how produce a nicely balanced and a beautiful visual.
It's almost like a mathematics problem. I have variables of my problem and I play with them. I move and modify them until I find the solution.
The solution for my eye.

The main goal with my abstract artworks is to produce an very aesthetic piece using compositiong, shapes and colours.

Figurative Art.

I have a deep love and respect for figurative realistic art. The skills and knowledge that you need to produce this kind of art make it the most impressive kind of art for me.

Whether it is sculpting, painting or drawing. Since the beginning artists seeks to level up their representation of the worl around them.

Creating a realistic portrait with your hand, that can be took for a photo is an accomplishment and a feat that can only be admire.
Figurative art allow me to express myself on topics and themes that matter to me like the flaws and traps of the modern society.