Ma vie d'artiste.

ONLY IN FRENCH: sorry guys but these videos are art vlog that I do in french.

Videos serie in wich I take you with me on my artistic journey.
The idea is to have a kind of time machine and to document all the major process required for me and my business to grow as a freelance artist. The success, the failures, the choices, the first clients or sells, first expositions,...
In these videos I talk about my fine artist career also as my 3d graphic designer career.

08 - Pourquoi je suis Auto Entrepreneur ?
07 - L' art du making-of.
06 - J'ai pas de réseaux...
05 - Faire une carte de voeux à ses clients.
04 - Travailler à la maison - Problèmes & Solutions.
03 - Mes premières ventes et leur prix !
02 - 30 jours, 30 dessins. Inktober 2017
01 - Ma Vie d'Artiste: Introduction.